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Robert Schmelzer My name is Robert Schmelzer and I am working as an independant software engineer since august 2005. I graduates at the Upper Austrian Polytechnical University in Hagenberg for Software Engineering.

 My main working area is JAVA and JAVA web technologies in special. At the moment I am working very intensive with JAVA Portal Technology and JSR-168 in combination with JAVA Server Faces. I am also interested in software architecture and in special i am working with service oriented architectures (SOA). To have an eye on other technologies than JAVA I am also working with PHP doing low cost and feature rich content based web applications.

You find references to my projects and a collection of my customers on this web page.

 Beside all the technology staff I am interested in project management technologies and their impact on employee intrinsic motivation. So I have a special look on agile development methods and their variations.

 If you have any questions or comments, feel free to either use the guestbook or contact me directly.